Visit to PAPA Home and Love & Care Orphanages

Srujanavani Scholars orchestrated a heartwarming event fostering connections between M/s SAILS Executives and the residents of PAPA Home. The young scholars infused joy into the occasion with lively games and captivating stories, creating a memorable experience for the children.

In a parallel endeavour, these scholars extended their compassion to the Care and Love Orphanage, spending an evening with the young orphans, many of whom face unique challenges. The scholars went above and beyond, ensuring the well-being of the inmates by organizing drawing games and various engaging activities. A noteworthy gesture was the donation of groceries to the orphanage, culminating in a shared dinner.

These experiences, rich with empathy and altruism, transcend borders, offering a glimpse into the universal language of compassion. The memories forged during these interactions are an invaluable global treasure, showcasing the profound impact of community engagement.

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