Striving for Excellence: Srujanavani’s Sankranthi Super 60 Camp 2024

In the idyllic surroundings of Rushi Vidyalaya Gurukulam at Bodhivalasa, Srujanavani orchestrated the Sankranthi Super 60 Camp 2024 with a resounding theme – “Striving for Excellence.” Over four enriching days, the camp unfolded with a diverse array of sessions, each contributing to the holistic development of the participating students.

Communication Skills and English Proficiency: The camp commenced with a dynamic session on communication skills, exploring self-assessment and effective communication styles. Simultaneously, students gained confidence in the English language through engaging activities, fostering a commitment to excellence in communication.

Mathematics, Banking, and 3D Concepts: Led by experienced mentors, the mathematics session transcended textbooks, delving into 3D shapes, banking concepts, and real-world applications. This aimed at enhancing problem-solving skills and instilling an appreciation for mathematical excellence.

Innovation and Science Projects: Students were encouraged to embrace creativity and scientific exploration through sessions on innovation and crafting science projects, emphasizing teamwork and a pursuit of excellence in scientific inquiry.

Behaviour, Adaptability, and Gratitude: Professional sessions on behaviour, adaptability, and gratitude contributed to personal growth and excellence. These are aimed at shaping students into well-rounded individuals committed to excellence in personal conduct.

Problem-Solving and Team Building: Engaging sessions on problem-solving incorporated team-building activities, reinforcing the importance of teamwork and resilience in overcoming challenges, crucial aspects of striving for excellence.

Unnathi Contest and Night Fire Camp: The Unnathi contest showcased students’ talents, emphasizing values and individual excellence. The night fire camp became a platform for self-expression and the celebration of unique talents, adding a vibrant touch to the pursuit of excellence.

Trekking and Overcoming Fears: A dawn trek instilled a sense of teamwork and resilience. Discourses on overcoming fears provided insights into empowering students to strive for excellence by confronting their fears.

Conclusion – Striving for Excellence: The Sankranthi Super 60 Camp, themed around “Striving for Excellence,” is a testament to Srujanavani’s commitment to nurturing individuals who embody excellence in various facets of life. As we reflect on these impactful days, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the donors whose unwavering support enables us to sculpt futures and unlock the extraordinary potential within every student. We continue striving for excellence, one transformative camp at a time.

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