Srujanavani Scholarship Award Ceremony 2024

Srujanavani’s Scholarship Award Ceremony 2024, a prestigious event held at the Andhra Medical College Hall on January 6th, 2024, is a testament to the organization’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding academic excellence. The ceremony, attended by around 200 students, is graced by esteemed dignitaries who bring diverse expertise to inspire and uplift the awardees. With the support of Chegg India and Shikshadaan, this year we are able to extend support to 350 scholarships.

Dr. G Butchi Babu, the Principal of Andhra Medical College, serves as the distinguished Chief Guest, joined by Sam Oguri, Director of Chegg India, as the esteemed Guest of Honor. Dr. Jai Suma, Registrar at JNTU Vizianagaram College of Engineering, and Dr. N Chandrasekhar, Principal of Government Polytechnic, Pendurthi, contribute as Guests of Honor. The event is further enriched by Dr KV Ramana, Principal of Government Polytechnic, Vizag, and G Uma Sankar, Vice President of Srujanavani.

This ceremony not only applauds academic achievements but also symbolizes the collaborative effort of Srujanavani and its partners to empower students through education. Dr. G Butchi Raju, in his encouraging words, emphasizes that the scholarship is a stepping stone for students to pursue their dreams. Mr. Sam Oguri underscores Chegg India’s commitment to prioritizing students, urging them to invest in durable skills for the challenges of the next generation. The fundamental goal of the Srujanavani Scholarship Initiative is to empower financially disadvantaged students, providing economic support and fostering ambitions. Beyond financial aid, Srujanavani offers training in soft skills, preparing students for the evolving landscape. This holistic approach aims to alleviate financial barriers and equip students with the skills needed for future success. The diverse expertise of the dignitaries promises a memorable event, inspiring the awardees to reach greater heights in their academic journeys.

11 thoughts on “Srujanavani Scholarship Award Ceremony 2024”

  1. I am very grateful to be part of the program where a group of dignitaries, especially those from humble backgrounds, served as inspiration to others. They gathered to deliver speeches and share their experiences, undoubtedly inspiring and motivating us.
    1.As one of the scholars, I particularly liked the
    Sreekanth sir’s perspective, defining and comparing the scholarship as a ticket for the future. The outcome depends on how one utilizes it for studying, leading to success, or neglecting its purpose for activities other than study, altering their future path.
    And the determination of Chegg India to help and to lay a good base for mainly the students future,who are going to be the building blocks of the future society…

    2.And really felt enthusiastic hearing that the team of srujanavani are the one who actually inspired in the college and joined to help the society and are mostly from the same college…
    I have definitely taken a much info and messages from the meeting firstly learnt the
    *Ways and importace to built a successful career* *teamwork can make a large impact..*
    *The determination to help the society should come from one itself..*
    And I am very thankful for the fabulous opportunity for making me for being a part of such a inspirational gathering..
    _~~Reshmi Padilam_~

    1. Dear Reshmi,

      Thank you for your kind words! We’re glad you found inspiration and valuable insights during the program. We appreciate your gratitude and look forward to supporting your journey ahead.

      Best regards,

  2. Happy to hear these words from our organisation. I didn’t attend the event so that I felt somewhat sad on that day. But these words from our organisation team make me feel so great. I’m very much thankful to our organisation and I want to see some more achievements.

    1. Dear Divya,
      We truly appreciate your heartfelt sentiments. While we understand that not being able to attend the event might have left you feeling somewhat sad, your positive response to our words brings immense joy to us. Wishing you continued joy and success on your path with us!
      Best wishes,

  3. Satya Ravi Kiran V

    The Srujanavani Scholarship Award Ceremony 2024 sounds truly inspiring and impactful. It’s heartening to see how Srujanavani, along with Chegg India and Shikshadaan, is recognizing and supporting academic excellence through 350 scholarships. The commitment to not only provide financial aid but also offer soft skills training reflects a holistic approach to empowering students. The involvement of esteemed dignitaries and their valuable insights undoubtedly adds tremendous value to the event, promising a bright and enriching future for the deserving awardees.

    1. Dear Satya Ravi Kiran garu,
      Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging words! We’re delighted that the Srujanavani Scholarship Award Ceremony 2024 has resonated with you. It is indeed a special occasion for us, and your recognition of the collaboration with Chegg India and Shikshadaan in supporting academic excellence through 350 scholarships warms our hearts. Our commitment goes beyond financial aid, and we’re thrilled that you’ve noticed our emphasis on providing soft skills training. We believe in a holistic approach to empowering students for a well-rounded and successful future. Your words motivate us to continue our efforts towards creating a bright and enriching future for the deserving awardees. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!

      Best regards,

  4. Srujanavani scholarship award ceremony is too good and they should be inspired me to many more words am so happy to attend the class and also should be help to encourage the differents types of skills and distributing the food .
    I am so happy to am a member of srujanavani organisation 💓

    1. Dear Rajeshwari garu, Thank you so much for your heartwarming words! We’re delighted to hear that the Srujanavani scholarship award ceremony has left a positive impact on you and has been a source of inspiration. It’s wonderful to know that our efforts to encourage different types of skills and our commitment to community service, such as distributing food, have resonated with you. We truly value your participation and engagement in our organization. If there’s anything specific you’d like to share or if you have ideas for future initiatives, please feel free to reach out.
      Wishing you continued success and fulfillment on your journey with Srujanavani!
      Best wishes,


    I learnt a lot from Award ceremony session, those valuable suggestions and experiences given by the guests are very helpful to build ourselves and it gave confidence to achieve my dreams. I will be most grateful for being a part of this organisation and I will definitely try my level to use the ticket to make a bright future.Thank u srujanavani team for supporting us

    1. Dear Madhan,

      Glad that you had a great experience participating in the award ceremony. Hopefully you preserve the ticket to future and utilize the opportunity. All the very best for all you future endeavours.


    2. Dear Madhan Gopal Naidu garu, We are thrilled to hear about your positive experience during the Award Ceremony session! It warms our hearts to know that the valuable suggestions and experiences shared by our guests have been helpful in building your confidence and providing insights to achieve your dreams. Thank you for your kind words and appreciation. We are here to support and empower you every step of the way. If you ever have any thoughts or ideas to share, please feel free to reach out. Together, we can achieve great things!

      Best wishes,

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