Super 60: In the first half

Super 60 stands as a distinctive initiative by Srujanavani, meticulously crafted to enhance children’s skills, values, and competencies through consistent training and dedicated mentoring.

Over the past six months, Super 60 students have been deeply engaged in diverse learning opportunities. A remarkable 150 hours of online classes focusing on Maths, English, and Science subjects have been instrumental in elevating their academic prowess.

Adding an immersive dimension to their learning journey, residential camps spanning 30 days across the half-year have blended playful hands-on activities, skill training, skits, and presentations. These experiences were meticulously designed not only to instil outward skills but also to nurture intrinsic values.

The exposure visits have been a key component, offering a real-world understanding. Visits to ISKON and NSTL provided opportunities to participate in various competitions while visiting the Genie Science Lab enriched their understanding of fundamental scientific principles and their practical applications in daily life.

A significant highlight of the Super 60 program has been the interactions with eminent personalities, providing invaluable insights and inspiration. Notable figures such as Jonnalagadda Srinath garu, an ISRO Scientist, and B.Tech students from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, have shared their wisdom and experiences, broadening the horizons of Super 60 students.

In essence, Super 60’s multifaceted approach goes beyond conventional learning. It’s a holistic journey that sharpens academic acumen, nurtures values, cultivates skills, and provides exposure to diverse experiences, preparing these young minds for a well-rounded and successful future.

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