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Sangam: A journey of self-reflection

Sangam, the cornerstone of Srujanavani’s ethos, is a profound platform for self-reflection. Annually, members engage in a collective introspection, navigating through the tapestry of the past year’s journey. This deliberate pause for self-reflection is more than a ritual; it’s a conscious effort to understand our personalities’ evolving facets and anchor ourselves on the less-travelled path we’ve chosen.

What sets Sangam apart is its intimate connection with nature. Amidst the hustle of life, dedicating time to be closer to nature becomes a transformative experience. Listening to the symphony of natural sounds becomes a source of enrichment, fostering a deeper connection with the environment and oneself. This harmonious blend of introspection and communion with nature not only defines Sangam but also underscores Srujanavani’s commitment to holistic personal and collective growth.

Just as in previous years, we selected Rishi Gurukulam, Bodivalasa, as the idyllic backdrop for our reflective journey this year. This serene setting served as the perfect canvas for our collective introspection. We thank the authorities at Rishi Gurukulam for graciously allowing us to conduct our Sangam in such a conducive environment.

The essence of Sangam lies not just in the discussions and reflections but also in the personal corrections that emerge from these thoughtful sessions. It’s a unique outcome that sets the tone for our progress toward heightened consciousness. Embracing these corrections becomes a transformative process, propelling us toward personal and collective growth. In this harmonious blend of introspection and correction, Sangam catalyses our journey toward self-improvement.

2 thoughts on “Sangam: A journey of self-reflection”

  1. Sreedevi vanapalli

    Proud to be part of this journey. The collective discussion with like minded people helped me to understand myself in a better way. It is a forum where we get to know the areas to improve upon towards being a better human being.

    1. Dear Sreedevi garu,

      We’re thrilled to have you on this journey with us! It’s wonderful to hear that the collective discussions have been valuable in your self-discovery. Srujanavani is indeed a forum for personal growth and improvement, and we’re proud to have like-minded individuals like you contributing to our community.

      Thank you for being an essential part of our collective pursuit of becoming better human beings.

      Best regards,

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