Engagement & Outreach - Our philosophy

Srujanavani has always been driven by the needs of society and has risen to support the needy, especially during crisis times. Many relief activities and need-based activities form the chunk of our outreach and engagement activities. While these activities do not fall within any particular theme, they are an important segment of our activities. These activities introduce many of our young members to the world’s reality and help us be down-to-earth in our approach. We believe the activities instill humility and love for fellow human beings.

Medical Camps

Hinterland of erstwhile Visakhapatnam district is subject to numerous disasters. Especially post the monsoon season, outbreak of malarial diseases is quite prevalent. One community that face the onslaught of these malarial infections are the tribal communities. In order to create awareness and provide nutrition counselling medical camps are conducted in these specific tribal villages with whom we have a long association. The medical camps have helped the households with ensuring hygienic surroundings and be prepared for the malarial infections during monsoon season. Households from the nearby villages get benefitted from the medical camps conducted every month.

Old-age Home Care

The feeling of having loved ones by your side, especially during old age is a blessing, that not many enjoy. With swelling old age homes, the emotional care of the old and the elderly is not given attention. In most cases, their physical needs are also not attended to. In reaching out to this section of the society, our members spend considerable time with the inmates of the old age homes. Besides financial support, we support their emotional care. Indeed, some of the festive occasions are celebrated with the elders of the oldage homes we are associated with. Loyola Oldage Home and Annapurna Devi Oldage Home are two homes where we have our constant engagement.

Blood Donation Camps

Blood donation is one of our integral activities, where Srujanavani members and their friend & patrons engage in encouraging blood donors to donate blood. Blood from prospective donors is collected at donation camps or based on the need arising from our networks. We are able to cater to the blood requirement. Most striking feature of this intervention is our ability to connect with the blood banks in Visakhapatnam.

Covid Relief

COVID 19 has brought the humankind to a pause, leading to a loss on various accounts. Besides the loss of our beloved, loss of livelihoods was major eventuality from COVID. Various sections of the society faced their deepest crisis in numerous forms. From migrant labourers walking miles to reach their natives, to rural households with no monthly supplies, the crisis has called for the need for humanitarian support from every quarter.

Srujanavani, in response to this crisis have provided ration kits to numerous households including artisans, weavers, private teachers etc. A monthly ration with the most used grocery items were supplied in the remotest villages untouched by any government support. In addition, the migrant labourers were supplied with items to support the energy requirements. Similarly, this crisis led to shift to digital education, which enabled us to connect to the distant students.

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