Medical camps

Our philosophy at Srujanavani is rooted in the recognition that healthcare is a fundamental human right, especially for communities vulnerable to frequent disasters and health crises. The hinterland of the erstwhile Visakhapatnam district faces numerous challenges, particularly post-monsoon outbreaks of malarial diseases. We believe in fostering awareness, education, and community resilience to ensure the well-being of tribal communities. By engaging in long-term associations with these communities, we embody the philosophy that sustainable healthcare solutions should be community-driven, culturally sensitive, and founded on a deep understanding of local challenges.


Our mission is twofold—firstly, to create awareness about malarial infections in tribal communities, and secondly, to provide crucial nutrition counseling through regular medical camps. By conducting these camps, we aim to empower households in the hinterland with knowledge on hygienic practices and preventive measures against malarial outbreaks, particularly during the post-monsoon season. The monthly medical camps not only serve as a source of healthcare but also as platforms for community engagement and education, fostering a sense of preparedness and resilience.


The impact of our mission is evident in the tangible achievements witnessed in these tribal communities. Through consistent medical camps, we have successfully raised awareness about malarial infections, leading to improved hygienic surroundings in households. Nutrition counseling has been instrumental in enhancing the overall well-being of these communities, contributing to their resilience against health challenges. The monthly medical camps extend their reach beyond specific tribal villages, benefitting households from nearby areas. These achievements underscore our commitment to providing sustainable healthcare solutions and empowering communities to face health crises with knowledge and preparedness, aligning with our overarching goal of fostering holistic community development.

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