Man Making - Our philosophy

Srujanavani strongly believes that Social transformation is effectively a collective manifestation of individuals’ reformation. The ideals which society upholds are merely a reflection of the values its people follow. Hence Man Making has been the core objective of Srujanavani and is the common cultural thread of each of its endeavours. Weekly sessions, Monthly Meets and Annual Sangams are various platforms designed toward materialising this ideal of Man making.

Weekly Sessions

All the Srujanavani scholars undergo weekly training sessions to improve their personality traits and incorporate core human values. Thes objectives are achieved by designing the training modules accordingly. Initially, various Personality Development, Spoken English, and Basic Computer Skills courses are taught to them. Later, they are encouraged to participate in Group discussions, Debates, Newspaper Reading, volunteering in social works etc. These activities help students gain an all-around outlook toward life and become responsible citizens.

Monthly Meets

Once every month, the Members meet (virtually or physically) to discuss the various social needs/issues observed in and around us in our society. These sessions act as the Srujanavani’s incubation centres, whereby the members brainstorm different viable solutions to these social issues and formulate projects/activities to cater for them. All the Social outreach programs like Medical Camps, Blood donation drives, and Flood/Cyclone relief activities originate in these sessions.


Sangams are the ‘Corest of the Core’ events of Srujanavani. They are the annual gathering of its members in calm/serene places (ashrams). They are designed fundamentally to distance themselves from worldly distractions and spend time with themselves, looking inward in solitude and reflecting upon the true inner self. These sangams effectively help individuals realign their life’s compass towards the chosen path of the less travelled and realise the organisation’s shared vision.

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