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Srujanavani Science Expo-2021

Time memorial, human race has been exploring into various dimensions of life and invented many things that have mechanized the livelihood to lead a comfortable lifestyle. These inventions as a result of the in-depth knowledge in science and technology have given the society an enhanced happiness and joy. For example – the improvement in communication from birds to letters; letters to email, landline phone to mobile, computer to laptop, phone to mobile, 2G to 4G now to 8G.

Many inventions like TV, Computer, Grinders, phones, Machines etc., that were large in size and limited features have taken different forms since they were invented with the help of advancement in science and technology. The use of technology has also influenced the agriculture and industrial sectors with the introduction to many mechanized equipment which lead to increased production in a lesser span of time. The improvement is science & technology through digitalization has also eased the data management and execution of various functions viz., land records, revenue systems, educational patterns etc. Hence, needless to mention that the role of this science &technology in the present human survival is inseparable.

Our country has been making significant growth in this respect when compared other developing countries. Several countries are looking at India because of this. Indian Scientists have proved their expertise with the launch of 104 satellites successfully from India through the PSLV C37 rocket at a very low cost as against thousands of crores projected by the unprecedented intellectuals. This is a great achievement that shows the intellectual power of our Scientists and the knowledge that they learnt in science. Needless to mention that there could be many such Scientists around us who are left as a Ruby in the clay. It is a responsibility on all of us to extract such gems and encourage them to exhibit their talent.

In order to encourage and improve students at school level to do creative experiments in Science, we have been conducting competitions through "Science Expo" for the past 7 years. As we all know, this program is in mark of the "National Science Day" that is held every year on February 28, in memory of the unveiling of the "Raman Effect" which brought the Nobel Prize to Sir CV Raman. Enthusiastic participation from the students is expected. Exciting prices are waiting for the winners.

Note :
  1. These competitions are held ONLINE for all schools (Govt. and Pvt.) of A.P. and Telangana.
  2. Students of class 5 to 10 who are passionate on science are eligible for this competition.
  3. Every student has to submit their project briefly in a video of 2 to 5 minutes with the name of the project and its relevance in day to day life at
  4. The video thus uploaded shall also be sent through whatsapp to 9705165115
  5. The video shall be your own thought and idea. Video with Working Models and clear explanation will be given more marks.
  6. Please record the video in a silent location.
  7. Last date for submission : 2nd March 2021.
  8. Results will be declared on 15 th March 2021 ONLINE.


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