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Srujanavani is "12A, 80G & FCRA certified" and all donations are 50% income tax exempted with qualifying limit under section 80G
Exemption Granted Vide P.No.CIT-2/80G/23/08-09, Dt. 21-01-2009 of the CIT-2, VSP


Who Are We?

Srujanavani Voluntary Association located in Visakhapatnam, India is a congregation of highly committed individuals from different walks of life with varied interests and disciplines, such as from students, entrepreneurs, professionals and housewives, working for a common cause with common conduct and values. It motivates volunteerism by creating a social platform to organize for the benefit and service of the communities, assuming roles as citizens and leaders, and commit to productive projects which help the communities confront the major social issues through a self reformation process called man making.

Radio Talk Show on Mana Radio FM Vizag on 22 Dec 2019

Radio Talk Show on AIR Rainbow FM Vizag on 7 Oct 2016

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