Education - Our philosophy

Srujanavani believes in ‘education’ as a gateway to sustainable change. It aids the nation’s development and is the paramount requirement of all the solutions. We focus on the students’ internal potential, which empowers them to understand several aspects.

Channelizing our efforts to make students realize their dreams is a journey we would like to endure. Srujanavani undertook multi-fold programs to unravel the hidden potential of these bubbling energies.

An old proverb says,”” Teach the hungry how to fish rather than feeding them with the fish.”” We have shouldered this responsibility through our initiatives to explore the internal potential of students to dwell in the complex world. Our major initiatives are:

Super 60

Why Super 60?

A focussed effort to upgrade the skills, competencies and values of a few children can make a big difference in society as they will be seeds of a larger transformation. Apart from the larger aim, the program has the capacity to uplift the status of a few underprivileged families as education is the only tool to do that.


We provide financial support to economically weaker yet aspirant students. The program mainly aims to encourage good learners to pursue higher studies and make a remarkable impact in their lives. Our program addresses to increase the learning ability and imparts the need to possess good conduct and values.

With increased access to the younger generation, we support them in attaining more incredible intellect, good behaviour, and adopting values. In addition to the financial support, we regularly provide training programs and guide them through their academics and career planning. The prime motive is to match the organization’s vision, which is to nurture the young minds who, in turn, will impact society. Our strict procedures to imbibe the above qualities make this program unique. Many philanthropists and the foundations like Shikshadaan, RAVA group, etc., support us in this initiative.

Scholars' Training

The beneficiaries of the Scholarship program are Scholars. We firmly believe that academic learning should be associated with soft skills and moral values. To make the scholars’ acquainted with the required skills, we conduct Weekly Sessions and Monthly training. The weekly sessions are agility to imbibe learning ability, perception and presentation skills. Monthly training aims to give awareness on various soft skills viz., creative thinking, analytical ability, decision-making, etc.

Polytechnic Coaching

Several students from the Government schools opt to take up vocational courses after 10th. We have identified that lack of skills for competitive exams; many students are unable to get through. Our initiative to impart Free POLYCET coaching to the aspirants has yielded good results. The training aims to give more knowledge on academics and simple techniques to be adopted for competitive exams. Many students from our program have performed well and have secured admission to reputed institutes.

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