Education - Our philosophy

Srujanavani staunchly believes in the transformative power of education as the linchpin for sustainable change and national development. Recognizing it as the quintessential solution to myriad challenges, our focus lies in unveiling the internal potential of students. This profound force empowers them to comprehend diverse aspects of the world.

Our commitment is directed towards the relentless pursuit of channelling efforts to help students actualize their dreams. Embarking on this enduring journey, Srujanavani has instituted multifaceted programs designed to unravel the latent potential within these vibrant minds. Adhering to the age-old wisdom encapsulated in the proverb, “Teach the hungry how to fish rather than feeding them with the fish,” we have taken the responsibility to delve into the inner reservoirs of students’ potential. Our initiatives aim not merely to provide solutions but to empower students with the skills, knowledge, and resilience required to navigate the intricacies of the complex world.

In essence, Srujanavani’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that education is not just about imparting information but about fostering a profound understanding of the world and nurturing the internal capacities that drive positive change. Through our educational initiatives, we strive to be architects of enduring transformations, empowering students to chart their course towards a brighter, more impactful future.

Super 60

A targeted and focused effort to enhance the skills, competencies, and values of a select group of children has the potential to catalyze a significant societal transformation. By investing in the development of these children, we are sowing the seeds for a larger positive change. Beyond the broader goal, this program holds the capacity to uplift the status of underprivileged families, recognizing education as the primary catalyst for such advancement. In empowering these children, we are not only fostering individual growth but also contributing to the upliftment of their families. Education stands as the key tool, offering a pathway to break the cycle of poverty. By imparting essential skills, competencies, and values, we envision these children becoming not just beneficiaries but architects of a brighter and more equitable future, influencing not only their lives but also creating a ripple effect that extends to their families and the broader community.


We provide financial support to economically weaker yet aspirant students. The program mainly aims to encourage good learners to pursue higher studies and make a remarkable impact in their lives. Our program addresses to increase the learning ability and imparts the need to possess good conduct and values.

With increased access to the younger generation, we support them in attaining more incredible intellect, good behaviour, and adopting values. In addition to the financial support, we regularly provide training programs and guide them through their academics and career planning. The prime motive is to match the organization’s vision, which is to nurture the young minds who, in turn, will impact society. Our strict procedures to imbibe the above qualities make this program unique. Many philanthropists and the foundations like Shikshadaan, RAVA group, etc., support us in this initiative.

NMMS Training

The Government of India extends the National Means cum Merit Scholarships (NMMS) to academically bright 8th-grade students, fostering educational excellence. Recognizing the significance of this initiative, Srujanavani has taken a proactive step by offering free NMMS coaching to students from government schools. This strategic intervention aims to empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to compete for and secure NMMS scholarships. 

Polytechnic Coaching

Several students from the Government schools opt to take up vocational courses after 10th. We have identified that lack of skills for competitive exams; many students are unable to get through. Our initiative to impart Free POLYCET coaching to the aspirants has yielded good results. The training aims to give more knowledge on academics and simple techniques to be adopted for competitive exams. Many students from our program have performed well and have secured admission to reputed institutes.

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