The National Means cum Merit Scholarships (NMMS) by the Government of India serve as a crucial initiative to recognize and support academically gifted 8th-grade students. These scholarships not only promote educational excellence but also act as a catalyst for social mobility, providing deserving students with financial assistance to pursue their higher education.


Srujanavani, acknowledging the transformative impact of NMMS, has undertaken the initiative to provide free coaching to 40 students from 9 government schools. The primary objective is to empower these students with the necessary skills and knowledge, ensuring they are well-prepared to compete for and secure NMMS scholarships. By offering targeted coaching, Srujanavani aims to bridge educational gaps, facilitate access to opportunities, and empower underprivileged students with a pathway to academic success.


Srujanavani’s NMMS coaching program has yielded commendable results. So far around 30 students from various government schools present in and around SDC have secured the NMMS scholarships. This accomplishment not only highlights the effectiveness of the coaching but also underscores the program’s tangible impact on the academic achievements of underprivileged students. Beyond individual success stories, the initiative contributes to a more inclusive educational environment, aligning with Srujanavani’s commitment to creating equal opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds. The achievements signify academic enhancement and the broader societal impact of empowering deserving students with avenues for educational advancement. 

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