Polytechnic Coaching

Recognizing the challenges faced by students from Government schools opting for vocational courses after the 10th grade, our initiative addresses a crucial gap in their preparation for competitive exams. The Free POLYCET coaching program stands as a beacon of support, equipping aspirants with essential skills and knowledge to navigate these exams successfully. Going beyond traditional academic teaching, our training focuses on instilling effective techniques tailored for competitive exams. The results have been promising, with numerous students from our program excelling and securing admission to esteemed institutes.


The initiative’s objectives encompass not only academic enrichment but also the empowerment of students with confidence and strategies crucial for competitive success. Bridging the skills gap is a key focus, uplifting and enabling aspiring individuals, unlocking opportunities that might have seemed elusive. Success stories from the program underscore its transformative impact, highlighting the efficacy of targeted, accessible coaching for those pursuing vocational pathways. Additionally, the initiative prioritizes support for students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, aiming to infuse hope within this demographic. By addressing both academic and socio-economic barriers, the initiative strives to be a catalyst for positive change, ensuring that all students, regardless of their circumstances, can aspire to and achieve success in their educational pursuits.


The primary outcome of the Polytechnic training initiative is to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to overcome the challenges of entrance exams, fostering their successful enrollment in prestigious polytechnic institutions. This initiative goes beyond traditional academic preparation, focusing on practical and exam-specific skills. Through targeted coaching, students not only gain a comprehensive understanding of the exam content but also develop effective strategies to approach and excel in these assessments. Furthermore, the initiative aims to instill a sense of confidence and motivation in the students, encouraging them to aspire to enroll in renowned polytechnic programs. It emphasizes not just passing exams but excelling in them, fostering a mindset of excellence and achievement. The ultimate goal is to empower students to secure admission to esteemed polytechnic institutions, laying the foundation for successful careers in their chosen technical fields. Through this initiative, participants are not merely prepared for exams but are inspired to reach for academic excellence and contribute meaningfully to their chosen professions.


Notable achievements include the successful placement of over 400 students in diverse polytechnic institutions across Andhra Pradesh. This accomplishment underscores the effectiveness of our initiative in preparing students for entrance exams and guiding them toward enrollment in prestigious polytechnic programs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the tangible outcomes, as each placed student represents a success story of overcoming challenges and realizing their aspirations in the realm of technical education. This track record attests to the positive impact of our training initiative, establishing it as a valuable pathway for students aspiring to thrive in the dynamic field of polytechnics.

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