Srujanavani Free PolyCET training

SDC Vaddadi is a beacon of hope for financially disadvantaged yet academically bright students in Visakhapatnam. Our initiative goes beyond conventional education by providing specialized coaching for the Polycet exam, aiming to propel these students into reputable Polytechnic institutions and guiding them toward a trajectory of academic excellence.

The coaching program, spanning over 20 days, is a comprehensive endeavour. Eighty students immersed themselves in an intensive curriculum to refresh their conceptual understanding of Maths, Physics, and Chemistry and develop strategic approaches for navigating the Polycet exam with efficiency. This holistic preparation ensures that students are well-versed in academic content and equipped with the skills and confidence necessary for competitive success.

The success of our initiative is a collaborative effort, with the invaluable volunteer support of Government school teachers. Their dedication contributes significantly to the program’s effectiveness. A notable achievement emerged as 38 students, under our guidance, secured seats in various esteemed polytechnic colleges. This success is not just about numbers; it signifies a transformative change in the lives of these students, breaking the barriers of financial constraints and opening doors to quality education.

We take pride in the positive difference we’ve made and remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting and guiding these students on their educational journey. As we move forward, our focus is not only on academic accomplishments but also on nurturing well-rounded individuals poised for success in their chosen fields and beyond. The impact of our initiative extends far beyond the exam results, creating a pathway for these students to reach their goals and contribute meaningfully to society.

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