Two residential camp for Super 60 students

We are witnessing promising developments among the children. While the synergies between the children are improving, the spirit of competitiveness among them is also experienced. Some Super 60 students have participated in the Maths Olympiad, and some have succeeded and progressed to the next stage. Similarly, the students are making good progress in their English language skills.

In this camp, the students were trained on various topics, including the Art of book reading, time management, positive attitude, etc. They have undertaken a village survey to know the predominant livelihoods available in the village. Indeed, the children interacted with a farmer, a brick clin worker, a poultry farm worker, a dairy farm worker and a tiffin shop owner. The children could appreciate the concepts of income and expenditure and the challenges faced by various livelihoods. Also, the students were trained to play dappu, a traditional instrument played in the villages. The camp is a huge success, with the student’s enthusiasm and commitment to learning new concepts.

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