Old age care

Our philosophy at Srujanavani is grounded in the understanding that the elderly deserve not just physical care but also emotional support, especially when separated from their families in old age homes. We believe that the emotional well-being of the elderly is as crucial as their physical needs. The swelling numbers of old age homes underscore the need for dedicated attention to the emotional care of the elderly, emphasizing the importance of human connection, compassion, and joy in their lives.


Our mission is to bridge the emotional gap for the elderly residing in old age homes. Beyond financial support, we are committed to providing companionship and emotional care to enhance their quality of life. We dedicate considerable time to engage with the elderly, fostering a sense of belonging and joy. Celebrating festive occasions with them becomes a means to bring warmth and cheer to their lives. Loyola Oldage Home and Annapurna Devi Oldage Home are constant points of engagement, where our mission is to ensure the emotional well-being of the elderly through consistent companionship and celebrations.


Our achievements are measured not just in financial contributions but in the smiles and emotional well-being of the elderly we engage with. Through our constant presence and engagement, we’ve made a meaningful impact on the lives of the elderly at Loyola Old age Home and Annapurna Devi Old age Home. Festive celebrations have become moments of shared joy, and our commitment to emotional care has created a supportive community for the elderly. Beyond the numbers, our achievement lies in fostering a sense of family and companionship for those who may have felt isolated. It is a testament to our mission of providing holistic support and care to the elderly in old age homes, recognizing their emotional needs as paramount for a fulfilling life in their later years.

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