Achievements so far: The Super 60 journey

Diligent monitoring and assessment of students have yielded a discernible positive impact, enhancing not only their skills but also values and competencies. In addition to these advancements, notable tangible achievements underscore the success of the program:

  1. NMMS Scholarships: Seven students, demonstrating exceptional merit, have secured scholarships through the National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship (NMMS) program, a testament to their academic excellence.
  2. National Technology Day 2023 Award: Two outstanding students clinched the top spot, earning the prestigious National Technology Day 2023 award in the Model Presentation competition at NSTL Vizag. Their achievement stands out even more as they competed against participants from various engineering colleges.
  3. SOF National Science Olympiad: Six students showcased their brilliance by securing Gold Medals at the first level of the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) National Science Olympiad. Furthermore, two students have advanced to the second level, marking a significant accomplishment.
  4. ISKON Essay Competition: Two students distinguished themselves by securing the second and consolation prizes at the ISKON Essay Competition. Their written expression and articulation prowess reflect academic excellence and a flair for creative and critical thinking.

These accomplishments stand as a testament to the efficacy of the Super 60 initiative, not only in academic enhancement but also in nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of excelling in various domains. The program’s commitment to holistic development is evidently bearing fruit through these remarkable achievements.

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