Became a listener of sorrows

I am Matta Sruthi, a student at Andhra University. I completed my Master of Arts in Social Work at Andhra University from 2019-2021. Here is my small success story. As a girl, I feel fortunate to get help from prestigious organizations like Chegg India, Shikshadaan & Srujanavani. You helped me in both financial and psychological ways. This shows how humane you are. My parents and grandmother are currently staying at home. My sister got married in 2020. Soon after completing my MSW, I started working in a Rehab centre at Madhurawada, which is based in psychiatry. Currently, I work as a Medical Social Worker at Apollo Hospital, Arilova. Besides the excellent salary package, I can touch many lives by supporting them psychologically and emotionally by being available to them. The hospital management recognized me as a star performer for May. I am proud of myself as it is challenging for a girl to survive in this society. Thank you very much for being by my side in my tough times. My educational pursuits would not be possible without generous support from scholarship sponsors like your organization. Special thanks to Chegg India and Shikshadaan. My sincere gratitude to SRUJANAVANI for selecting and supporting us.

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