Why Women Empowerment?

At Srujanavani, our philosophy revolves around the conviction that empowering women is pivotal for societal progress. By establishing the Tailoring Learning Centre, we embrace the belief that imparting valuable skills enhances livelihoods and contributes to women’s holistic development. We see economic empowerment as a catalyst for positive societal change, creating a ripple effect that uplifts entire communities.


Our mission is to provide sustainable livelihoods to young women through the Tailoring Learning Centre, fostering economic independence and entrepreneurship. By imparting valuable tailoring skills, our objective is to empower women with the tools to create positive transformations in their lives and communities. We aim to address gender disparities by offering training that goes beyond traditional boundaries, unlocking opportunities for women in the fashion industry.


The impact of the Tailoring Learning
Centre has been profound. Over 500 women have been empowered with valuable
tailoring techniques, with more than a hundred venturing into entrepreneurship,
creating self-reliant contributors to their communities. During the pandemic,
these women exhibited resilience by producing cloth masks, not only
contributing to public health but also sustaining their livelihoods. Responding
to demand, we provided advanced training on new fashion trends, ensuring our
empowered women remain dynamic contributors to the fashion industry. The
Tailoring Learning Centre stands as a testament to Srujanavani’s commitment to
fostering tangible change in the lives of women, aligning with our vision of a
more equitable and empowered society.

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