Why digital education?

At Srujanavani, we believe that digital literacy is a gateway to knowledge and empowerment. Our philosophy centers on leveraging technology to bridge educational gaps, especially in rural areas. By establishing free computer learning centers, we aim to equip children with the essential skills to harness the potential of technology for enhanced learning.


Our mission is to provide accessible digital literacy training, particularly targeting rural youth who have completed their undergraduate education. Through collaboration with Jan Shikshana Samsthan, our objective is to empower these individuals with the technological know-how needed in today’s digital age. We strive to engage the youth in productive activities that extend beyond academic realms, fostering a generation well-prepared for the challenges of the modern world.


Srujanavani’s digital literacy initiative has successfully established free computer learning centers at our Skill Development Centre (SDC). These centers have enabled around 200+ rural students to grasp learning techniques through computers, promoting enhanced understanding and utilization of technology. Collaborating with Jan Shikshana Samsthan, we’ve provided digital literacy training to numerous youth who completed their undergraduate education, contributing to their skill development and opening new avenues for personal and professional growth. The initiative exemplifies our commitment to making a lasting impact on education and empowerment in rural communities.

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