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Super 60

Why Super 60?

A focussed effort to upgrade the skills, competencies and values of a few children can make a big difference in society as they will be seeds of a larger transformation. Apart from the larger aim, the program has the capacity to uplift the status of a few underprivileged families as education is the only tool to do that.


Building change agents in society by driving excellence in skills, competencies & values of future generations.


Final Outcome

Future leaders who imbibe a strong Value System and are equipped with skills & competencies to compete with the best and get into premier institutions in the area of their career choices.

Focus Areas

  1. Academics : To ensure our students get into the premier institutes in their preferred field, there will be enough focus on Academics.
  2. Language : To create industry-ready individuals, expertise in all four aspects (Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening) of English language is necessary. Will ensure this for every student in the program.
  3. Life Skills : The 21st Century seeks more skills than degrees. Our students will be well placed with respect to life skills through training.
  4. Values : Knowledge without character is dangerous to society. The primary objective of our program is to create leaders for society. So, values will be at the core of our program.