Our journey has started with the aim "to bring about a positive social change" by providing it with responsible and responsive citizens--- taking little steps towards the collective goal of Utopian India.

We believe that our country needs Inspiration. Our philosophy is to ‘catch them young’. Thus, in order to make a positive, socially productive informed citizen we have to start at the right phase of life. Our young entrants have been majorly from Government Polytechnic Visakhapatnam. Seeding for Man Making starts at our School of Basics, where the young, energetic and enthusiastic students start learning.

A thought- to serve the society through the process of self-reformation culminated into what Srujanavani is today in its existence since Sept 26, 1996. It was started by our Founder Sri R Ravikumar, and now the organisation is a unique collection of about 50 families, tens of sympathisers and many beneficiaries.

The present day activities have been Parallelly running in urban and rural areas of Visakhapatnam district.

Activities in urban area include Spoorthi, Vasudha, Youth Awareness Programs, association with Loyola Old age home, and such other awareness programs.

Activities in rural areas are Sreekaram Schools, Yuvakiran student scholarship programs, community development programs and activities around Srujana Kuteer.

More than an NGO, Srujanavani is a family. Social capital is its strength and adherence to cultural norms sets guiding lines for all the members uniformly. The ward-mentor type relationship ensures that no one is left alone in the most necessity of times. Members feel emotionally comfortable and the regular social gatherings keep the chords healthy.


Srujanavani was started in the year 1996 as Cops India as a small group of youth to ‘do something’. By 1998 it was Srujanavani with man-making, child care, education and rural development as core areas. And in four years we had our Constitution drafted.

Strictly following the Constitutional guidelines we had our first democratically elected President in 2002. Further evolving it was registered as Voluntary Organisation . By 2007 Srujanavani got 12A Income Tax Certification.

Samachara is our Annual News Letter circulated to our donors and sympathisers, while Aakruthi is our internal magazine focussing on sharing of love, personal skills and experiences. We also have a library of books and digital multimedia, which have been backbone of our learning process. The multimedia have helped handling our lessons in Yuvakiran, Spoorthi and YAP programs.

Vision Statement

"Srujanavani strives to engage itself in the creation of a progressive, responsive,
representative and egalitarian society founded on the core principles of
Truth seeking, Love, Faith, Drive to excel, Righteousness
through the nurturing of people towards greater intellect, uniform conduct & values".

Path Ahead

Srujanavani would work for strengthening of education system, in line with this objective in near future we plan to establish a concept quality School in Srujana Kuteer. Education on Wheels is another activity we wish to take up, which would engage a mobile van and full time staff to frequent trips to children in need of education in remote locations. Expansion of orphanage, the Vasudha, is on cards. Yuvakiran centres, which are presently 20, are planned to be expanded to much wider areas.

The Community mobilisation activities will be intensified into newer domains of social infrastructure. Srujana Kuteer is in pipeline for final establishment as a self-sustaining unit. It would soon become the hub of all of our Rural Development activities like Education on Wheels, Medical camps, Yuvakiran and Community development activities.

CSR Sponsors & Partners

Srujanavani is pleased with the support it got from companies, other NGOs, government agencies, school and college administrations, parents and students.

Here is the list of major organisations and companies we are in association with:
  1. M/s SALPG Company Pvt Ld, Vizag
  2. M/s Acclaris Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, Vizag
  3. M/s LAURUS Labs, Vizag
  5. KENEXA (now IBM), Vizag
  6. Uppalapati Foundation
  7. Loyola Oldage Home, Vizag
  8. TMAD
  9. Vandematram Foundation, Hyderabad
  10. Shodhana- that works on pre-school education in the district of Vizianagaram.
Some of the NGO or Government networks Srujanavani is a member or associated with are:
  1. AP NGO Alliance (APNA)
  2. Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)
  3. Andhra University Social Welfare Dept
  4. District Child Rights Forum
  5. Melukalayika Forum – Network of NGOs in Visakhapatnam district
  6. South India Learning network

In year 2011 we were invited to CSO-CSR Bride event organized by NFCG (National Foundation for Corporate Governance), CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) and CAPART (Council for Advancement of people’s action and rural technology) in Delhi. Our projects ‘Yuvakiran’ and ‘Education on Wheels’ made it to the list of projects who were allotted stalls. The projects were well appreciated in the event.

Srujanavani is also a participating member of special meets called for by District collector or DEO. Also we are in regular touch with Sri EAS Sharma, retired IAS officer. With his blessings we could learn a lot about the world we are in. Our members frequently visit other NGOs to gain experience in sociological aspects. Recently our Education team has visited select gurukulam type schools in Andhra Pradesh to finalise our School to be setup in Srujana Kuteer.

Governing Body


Mr. R.Ravi Kumar


Mr. T.S.Ramakrishna


Mr. Y.V.Tarak



Srujanavani is committed towards development of rural areas, empowerment of youth, quality education, support to the needy and other general welfare activities. I have participated in a few events organised by them like e-learning programme for youth in village areas, distribution of solar lamps, smartkids competition, flood relief activities etc. In every event it was evident that the team is persistent to plan and execute various programmes to contribute towards long terms development of the underprivileged. For people who have the zeal to contribute to social welfare and are looking for a trustworthy source, Srujanavani is the right path to reach the society.

--- V Sreedevi


I know most of the team management. They are excellent to work with. They are doing a wonderful job in the community. Their activities have high impact on the society. They are very trusted organization. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further recommendation on Srujanavani. They are first class.

--- Raju V. Uppalapati Raava Foundation


I came to know about the organisation through my friends who are members of this organisation. I like the way this organisation approaches the people, dedication of its members and give their hands to the needy. It has not limited itself to particular group of people but offered help to all age groups like education to the children in remote areas, oldage homes etc. If I have to recommend any social welfare organisation for contribution, I would suggest Srujanavani.

--- Dhana Lakshmi G


Wonderful visit with thoughtful discussion with staff. They seem energetic, creative and flexible. Though I haven't seen any programs yet, I anticipate that working with them will be very fruitful.

---Anna remillard


Very glad to be with srujanavani association. It brought me to 16 years age and remembered me about my duties to the society and I feel that I am not even doing 1% to the society when compared to them. I hope and wish that this association would change our nation in a positive way.

---D.Prakash Rao Founder, Loyola sweet home(old age home), Vizag


Great pleasure meeting srujanavani group.

---J.Jaya Shankar Reddy Sarvodaya


Excellent organization in social service activities.

---G.Durga Prameela


STUDENTS MAKE SOCIETY SMILE SMART .......this is what you have proved through your institution...i congratulate every volunteer who has been an inspirer to me...either directly or indirectly. Thank you. Wishing you all success ahead, SRUJANAVANI TEAM.

---Pravallika Pravarsh


I am thankful to the SRUJANAVANI volunteers for the good things your are doing. I am happy for those children who are safe under you'll. My 9 yrs child was Missed and couldnt find her since 3 yrs. I am happy for those childen.



I went through your website and saw all the activities that your organisation is engaged in and I must commend you on the good work being done by your organisation for the upliftment of the less priviledged among us.

--- Nidhi Singal


The activities which you are conducting are very important to present INDIA & I really appriciate what you are doing and the way you are approaching the people also. There is no excellent words to describe this work.....simply hats-off up to Srujanavani.

--- Pavani